Wednesday January 23 , 2019
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Cucurbitaceae 2014

12-16 October • Inn at Bay Harbor • Bay Harbor, Michigan

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Open Invitation

Registration for Cucurbitaceae 2014 is now open.

To register, visit the Cucurbitaceae 2014 online registration site.

Dear Colleague,


You are cordially invited to Northern Michigan for the Cucurbitaceae 2014! The conference will be held October 12-16 in Bay Harbor, Michigan, USA. Cucurbitaceae 2014 will bring together cucurbit scientists from around the world for an in-depth conference exploring new frontiers of cucurbit research and development.


Conference sessions will include presentations organized from individual paper submissions on the following topics:

• Breeding, Genetics and Genetic Resources
• Genomics and Biotechnology
• Growth, Development and Physiology
• Fruit Quality, Post-Harvest and Processing
• Evolution and Ethnobotany
• Interaction with the Environment and Abiotic Stresses
• Biotic Stresses - Pathology and Entomology
• Production



Conference Organizers:
Rebecca Grumet, Chair, Michigan State Univ.
Brad Day, Michigan State Univ.
Ray Hammerschmidt, Michigan State Univ.
Michael Havey, USDA-ARS, Univ. of Wisconsin, Mad.
Yiqun Weng, USDA-ARS, Univ. of Wisconsin, Mad.


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Scientific Committee:

Catherine Dogimont, INRA, Avignon, France
Hiroshi Ezura, University of Tsukuba, Japan
Zhangjun Fei, Cornell University, USA
Jordi Garcia Mas IRTA, Barcelona, Spain
Mary Hausbeck, Michigan State University, USA
Nurit Katzir, ARO, Newe Ya’ar, Israel
Amnon Levi, USDA-ARS, Charleston SC, USA
Feishi Luan, NE Agricultural Univ., Harbin, China
Nebahat Sari, Cukurova University, Turkey
Jos Suelmann, Nunhems Seeds, Netherlands
Yaakov Tadmor, ARO, Newe Ya’ar, Israel
Alyson Thornton, Harris Moran Seed Comp., USA
Todd Wehner, North Carolina State University, USA
Shmuel Wolf, Hebrew University, Rehovot, Israel
Bernie Zandstra, Michigan State University, USA
Xingping Zhang, Hailiang, China